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                    Shih Tzu Websites

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 Margit and Frank Langenburg                                                         http://www.fatinatalsjark.nl/

The first Shih Tzu association in Holland founded in 1991                  http://www.shihtzuclub.nl 

The Kennel Club                                                                             http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/ 

The Dutch kennel Club                                                                    http://www.raadvanbeheer.nl

The Shih Tzu Club (Data base)                                                        www.theshihtzuclub.co.uk/index.php 


Greet and Andre Onwezen                                                              www.pinosworld.nl

Gitty Weggelaar                                                                              http://www.fromchayapieras.nl


Harriette van Geel                                                                           www.choayoserpo.nl  


Heike Fürll                                                                                       www.shihtzusilverghost.de


Aukie Denie                                                                                     http://www.fromroseofpeking.nl

Xeralane kennel, LLC                                                                       www.xeralane.com 

Myriam van Tatenhove                                                                    www.ofhimalayasbeauty.be 

Jadetemple Shih Tzu                                                                        www.jadetempleshihtzu.co.uk

Lillevor Lindberg                                                                               http://spovens.se/engelska/sid1eng.html 

Richard Paquette                                                                              www.wenrick.ca 

Ad Acte                                                                                            www.adacte.pl 

Audreys Paradise                                                                              www.shihtzutop.be


Fred en Marion Lolkema                                                                    http://love-of-sanmarlo.eu/

Afghan Hound Websites 

VDOM Afghan Hounds                                                                        www.vdomafghan.com  

Jan Ammerlaan &  Ron Moerkerken                                                    www.zindehsjahsafghanen.com

Database of Bernd Fabig                                                                    www.afghans4u.de 

Guido and Ute  Grünberger                                                                www.waru-shahs.de

Affie Lovers Website                                                                          www.affieloverbreedclubs.co.uk

Tazieff Afghan Hounds                                         www.tazieffafghans.co.uk   and   www.purrfectlykatphotography.co.uk




Publication Links

The Complete guide from puppy                        http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shih-Tzu-Dogs- Complete-Understanding /dp/0992784344/

to old age SHIH TZ

By Alex Seymore                                                                                 

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