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About Us

I bought my first Afghan Hound in 1979 as a pet and companion, I bought my first show dog from the Zudiki kennels in Kent in 1981 his name was Shirghar of Zudiki (Black & Gold) and he was a son of Ch Bluestone Rocket of Zudiki, three years later Zudiki Geronimo (Blue Brindle) arrived also by Ch Bluestone Rocket Of Zudiki and out of Zudiki’s Lolita. I took my two dogs to shows all over Britain often travelling by train or sharing petrol with another exhibitor. During this time I studied the breed and went to several breed seminars, did my stewarding experience and in 1984 I passed the Afghan Hound Association Breed judging exam. Then I had my first judging appointment in Afghan Hounds, since then I have had an appointment roughly once each year and have progressed to the club show list which allows me to judge breed club open shows as well as larger open shows. I have judged Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Deerhounds, Ibizian Hounds, Pharaoh Hounds, and Saluki's at open show level, and I have judged internationally in Afghan Hounds, Sight hounds, Shih Tzu, Alaskan Malamute, and Samoyed's.

I Won my first Stud book number with Shirghar of Zudiki and gained my first Junior Warrant in the breed by showing Benetone Whispering Sid (Black & Silver) in Partnership with Jean Turner, and my first CC in Handling Calamayor Isis (Black Masked Gold) owned in Partnership with Barbara Ashlee and Thereséa Grist at the AHA under Dee Waterman. Then I had the opportunity to look after Kharadine Karuso (Black Masked Red) for a year and showed him in Partnership with Gloria Carter, it was under the new system at the time and he missed his Junior warrant by just 1 point.

I won my second Junior Warrant and CC in the breed with Regal Lilly of Zendushkas who was eventually made up to a Champion she was owned on breeding terms with Norma Hitch. I bought Padaki Qala-E-Lucia on breeding terms with Dawn Kirwan, at the time I could not contemplate breeding as I worked full time.

My work caused me to become ill and have a breakdown from overwork and I was ill health retired, so could not show my dogs. Dawn & Pat Kirwan were offered Hamide Fatinat al Sjark (Black Masked Gold) from Frank & Margit Langenberg to mate to Lucia’s brother Padaki Qant-E-Nah, So they put their affix on her and she came to live with us, because Dawn & Pat had too many dogs, Dawn showed her on a couple of occasions and she was mated, but had no success with Puppies. Hamide spent the rest of her life with us and was later joined by her daughter, granddaughter and great grandson.

The following year Laitin Fatinat Al Sjark (Black Masked Red) came to live with us and as there was a problem with Qant-e-nah, Laitin would have been My foundation bitch for Shirkeira Afghan Hounds, I took her to Angela Brown as she has VDOM breeding behind her stock, but could not get a mating. We then went on to Jeff Bunny to use Sashkan Gold Dhust At Zadal he would not mate her we gave up for that year and tried again on the next season with a more local dog with some VDOM behind him...Ch Wilbus Libretto...we had a really good mating but again she did not produce..

During this time we had fallen in love with Frank & Margit’s Shih Tzu and in 2003 bought Manulani Tsin Fatinat al Sjark home to England, then Frank became very ill and we took on Afghan Hounds Qaro Yucatan Fatinat al Sjark (solid Black) and Mineah Thalassa Fatinat al Sjark (Black Masked Red) in the hope that we would get our long awaited litter, unfortunately Mineah would not be mated so unless Qaro is ever used at stud this is the end of our Afghan Hounds.

Our next Shih Tzu was imported from Frank & Margit in 2006 this was Rudiki Tsin Fatinat Al Sjark at Shirkeira, Diki was mated to Manulani and this was our first ever litter in 2008, since then we have imported others from the Fatinat Al Sjark Kennel and our line is slowly taking shape, we have recently gone out to Ch Middletune Wildest Dreams JW ShCM and are very pleased with the results, we have exported a lovely male back to the Fatinat Al Sjark kennels and wish the whole litter good luck for the future.


And so started the Shirkeira Shih Tzu Kennel.....

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